Tuesday, May 28, 2013

60 Easy Ways to be Happier

  1. Sip water.
  2. Drink green tea.
  3. Smell fragrance.
  4. Listen to music.
  5. See photos/videos of happy times.
  6. Eat Less. Eat healthy. Eat well.  
  7. Play with a child.
  8. Read stories to kids in family.
  9. Teach kids in the colony.
  10. Stretch.
  11. Mind your posture.
  12. Take bath.
  13. Go to parlor.
  14. Sleep adequately.
  15. Switch off Mobile Data.
  16. Automate your bills.
  17. Socialize.
  18. Decide on your values & purpose.
  19. Count your blessings.
  20. Observe silence for an hour.
  21. Smile. Laugh.
  22. Pray & Meditate.
  23. Talk to God in peace.
  24. Read a book you love to.
  25. Celebrate birthday of your servant’s child.
  26. Observe television fast.
  27. Cry on the shoulders of your loved one.
  28. Go river rafting/mountaineering. Avail vacations.
  29. Host dinner to your friend in the city.
  30. Share a chocolate with your spouse.
  31. Start a blog/write an article.
  32. Start a Vblog on youtube/ upload your own video.
  33. Relish your favorite fruit (for me it is watermelon).
  34. Cook your favorite dish.
  35. Organize your room.
  36. Paste a poster on the wall of your house.
  37. Make a dream wall.
  38. Set goals. Write them down.
  39. Offer toasts. Praise.
  40. Give gifts to far friends.
  41. Appreciate. 30% people go to sleep hungry for food, rest 70% hungry for appreciation.
  42. Dance.
  43. Say thank you. Say sorry.
  44. Write email to your school teacher.
  45. Feed birds.
  46.  Walk on the woods.
  47. Visit green farms / maintained garden
  48. Click pictures of nature.
  49. Watch your favorite movie, again.
  50. Watch a comedy serial, go break-free.
  51. Spend time with your grandparents.
  52. Hug your spouse.
  53. Do a firm handshake with colleagues.
  54. Wake up early.
  55. Join Toastmasters. Deliver a speech.
  56. Go to public place and observe people.
  57. Be on time. Respect your word.
  58. Share power jokes.
  59. Sing while taking bath.
  60. Finish what you start. 
If you have more ideas, please add to the list through comments.


  1. Seems that listed points are outcome of personal experience .... How many still left ;)

    list shows happiness lies in small things we simply ignore :)

  2. Absolutely right, Govind. Now when we know this, let us commit to pay attention to these small things which make a huge difference.

  3. Each and every point what Mukesh described is worth following. Still there are so many points but these are very useful and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts..

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    Keep Posting:)