Monday, August 6, 2012

I am proud of Aamir Khan

Once, I was enjoying lunch at an Indian restaurant in Zambia (Africa) with my local friend there, Mr Ronald Mboma. Incidentally a song from one of the Bollywood movies started playing on large flat screen plasma television.

‘He is an Indian actor, Rancho, right?’ Mr Mboma asked with a big smile and excitement on his face. I was amazed and happy to hear this and told that his name is not Rancho, instead it is Aamir Khan.
He further told me that one of his movies ‘3 idiots’ is his wife’s favorite movie. They have watched it multiple times and this character (Rancho which was played by Aamir Khan in the movie) has influenced the couple very much.

I never expected that people from other continents and countries would be influenced so much and admire actors from Indian cinema to this extent. As the Indian Cinema was known for those typical boring love stories which do not have any strong positive message for betterment of the society. I too, never liked them. Now when the change is taking place, this actor is leading the same.  
‘3 idiots’ is certainly one of my most favorite movies and especially I liked the messages of
  • Being fearless in our actions
  • Chasing excellence instead of success
  • Not begging small things from god and
  • Studying for knowledge and not for grades
Swami Vivekananda asked a soul searching question to citizens in the nation, ‘Country gives us everything, what do we give to the country?’ The same was rephrased by the famous president of the USA John f Kennedy, ‘Ask not, what the nation can do for me? But ask what can I do for the nation?’
Truly this man is an answer to that call of doing something for the society. Aamir has always been one of the most respected and loved actors in Indian cinema. Yet, movies ‘Taare Zamin Par’ and ‘3 idiots’ followed by television serial ‘Satyamev Jayate’ (Truth Always Prevails) have made him a real hero.

Be it a cricket match of Indian team in World Cup or Anna Hazare fasting in New Delhi to make India a corruption free nation or an appeal from tourism ministry to keep country clean and beautiful, Aamir has always been on the frontier for India. Over the last decade Aamir Khan has saved villagers from an oppressive tax, led a movement against corruption, educated parents about learning disabilities and fought India's flawed education system. Now another fight against a dozen social malpractices with a hope and conviction that truth shall prevail.

Satyamev Jayate was certainly a different avatar of this young leader with no title. All the episodes have spread awareness on different malpractices in society and moved people from inside to take a stand against those. This would certainly help in making India a better country.

I want to let Aamir know that that he is making difference in lives of people beyond boundaries of geographies, languages and cultures.

‘Well done, my friend. You are a real hero, youth icon, social activist and a leader without title. I am proud of you and so are my readers!’

What do you learn from this man of change? Leave a comment.