Friday, July 8, 2011

14 Ways to multiply your productivity in just 14 days

 1.       Turn off the TV: This idiot box is #1 killer of time and it drains all the energy left after a tiring day or week. This actually makes people lazy and less productive. Avoid.   

2.        Read David Allen’s best-selling book ‘Getting Things Done’: This is one of the most important productivity books you will ever read.

3.       Become an early bird: You get 45 additional working days (45 x 8 = 360 Hrs) in a year by getting up one hour earlier every morning. Get up early before anyone else. Nothing beats a quiet house.

4.       Drink plenty of water: Drink a liter of water early every morning. We wake up dehydrated. Your most precious asset isn’t really time; it’s energy. Water restores it. While working during the day keep on sipping water frequently. It supplies more oxygen to your mind and makes it efficient.

5.       Find your own Pareto buckets: The Pareto principle is the 80-20 rule, which states that 80% of the result in life comes from 20% of the effort.  Find out these 20% activities for yourself and focus your energy on the same. 

6.       Observe technology fast: Turn all your electronic notifications off. Shut down your laptop. Put your phone on silent mode. Take your holy hour or two for meditating, reading & thinking. Observe silence for an hour every day.

7.       Love what you do: This will improve your concentration on work at hand which is actually the secret behind every great act in the history.

8.      Drink a cup of green tea: It strengthens your immunity, fights the cause of allergies, slows aging process, prevents wrinkles & acne and stabilized your cholesterol levels. It really reduces stress and bolsters productivity.

9.      Auto pay your bills: Enable auto payment on a fixed date for all your EMI and automate the utility payments from your account. Save energy and time for doing things which take you closer to your dreams.

10.   Shop online: whenever possible, avoid going to the store. is one of my favorite sites. Or you can just buzz the neighborhood store and ask for home delivery.

11.    Take care: Your body is not a machine. Take proper diet & rest. Stop all the work and rejuvenate it for one day in a week. Pamper your senses by taking great care of them.

12.   Find a mentor: Right guidance is the rarest thing in this world. I owe a lot to my best friend, sister and mentor Dr Suman. She is a wonderful lady and is always there to guide and support in professional and personal life. Who is your mentor?

13.    Outsource as much as possible: No job is menial. But think how much extra time and energy you will save by outsourcing cooking, laundry, car wash, house cleaning and other such chore activities. In this time, do something else which adds more value to you.  

14.   Be happy: Happiness at work is the #1 productivity booster.  With a happy mood, you make better team, stronger relationships, higher sales and delighted customers. Research has proved that happy people are more creative, have more energy, learn faster and make better decisions.  

Remember, productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. So, persevere.


  1. A very good compilation Mukesh ji! I personally try to do bits and pieces here and there... Though, after reading this, would try and incorporate more into my routine!

    So how are you these days? and how is life? where are you these days now? wahin jahan pehle the yah shift kar liya?

    Wandering Thoughts

  2. such great and small one liner tips!! its an excellent compilation. and true, tough to follow some of them-tech fast, mentor. nevertheless, buckling up for a journey to do all these is equally good.

  3. Very Simple, but hard to follow tips (least some of them)
    Really nice one.

  4. This is very very important people working at any industry. Always productivity matters a lot. You have well said in this blog.