Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't give up!

A big, fat frog and a little frog fell into a milk pail with tall slippery sides. They swam and swam for hours to get out. Exhausted the big frog moaned, ‘Little brother frog, I am giving up!’ and he sank to the bottom of the pail.
The little frog thought, ‘If I give up I will die for sure, so I must keep on swimming’. Two hours passed and the little frog thought he could do no more. But as the thought of his dead brother frog, he roused his will saying, ‘To give up is certain death. I will keep on paddling until I die. I will not give up trying, for while there is life there is still hope’.
Intoxicated with determination, the little frog kept on paddling. After hours, when he felt paralyzed with fatigue and could paddle no more, he suddenly felt a big lump under his feet. His incessant paddling had churned the milk into butter! Standing on the butter mound with great joy, the little frog leaped from the milk pail to freedom.

We all are in slippery milk pail of life, trying to get free from obstacles and succeed in the battle like the two frogs. Most people give up trying and fail like the big frog. But we must learn to persevere in our efforts towards one goal, as the little frog did. 

This is a very crucial key for you if you want to succeed. Success will never come automatically. You must work incessantly and never give up if you desire for success. If you insist, keep on your hard work, in the end, the success will be yours. You must know that this is the spirit that you need to succeed in your life. Allow me to give you an example here.
If you took a hammer and hit the wall inside a house, what will happen? Nothing will happen, what you will get is just a loud “bang!” But what if you keep on hitting and hitting the very same wall? You will get a huge hole in the end; you can even make the whole house collapse with just a hammer. A lot of people who pursue for success give up in the end. And they waste a lot of their precious time the moment they give up. Why did I say so? Let me gives you a metaphor.
Imagine that there is a stone in front of you. You keep on hitting it until it breaks. If the stone breaks after you hit it for the 20 times, do you think that it is the 20th times that made the stone breaks? Absolutely not! The 1st to the 19th times, do contribute to break that stone. This is what happens in real life. Many people hit the stone until half way, say 10th times and they found that the stone is not breaking, they give up and stop hitting it. Then they search for other stone and hit it again. They keep on hitting and hitting, again, the stone never breaks and they give up again. Thus they waste the time and energy of hitting the first 10 times and get no result.
A quitter will never win and a winner will never quit.
Well, don’t worry if you fail because nobody will remember your failures after you succeed. Don’t believe in me? Look back at Thomas Edison, what do you think about him the moment you hear his name? I’m sure you will not think about his 10,000 failures instead the immediate thought is - he was a great man who gave light to the world.
Share your own personal story when you did not give up and emerged as a winner at last.


  1. Nicely poised lessons, keep it up Mukesh!

  2. very nicely said sir ... i would love to share my experience some day here too .. :)

  3. Nice lesson sir .........U kno my success story n U only mad it happen.

    Thanks alot Sir
    Puneet Singhal

  4. Really... u r doing gr8 job.. hope i will share my experience soon!!!

    Keep it UP :)
    Neha Ahuja

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