Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am proud of Sunil Bharti Mittal

This July, I made a trip to Zambia in Africa. I landed in this country with lot of curiosity and lucid expressions on my face. The airport welcomed with a large and beautiful hoarding saying Welcome to the best country in Africa.’ I was happy to be in the best country of a continent which is a terrain for 54 countries.
While waiting for my turn at Immigration, I read a series of instructions – ‘be bold, be brave, be brilliant, be caring, be cool, be creative, be daring, be amazing, be awesome, be great, be all that you can, .....be Zambitious’. This beautiful campaign inspires everyone to reach his/her potential in life at the same time it provokes them to get back to their roots. I loved it. The messages were from none other than my most favorite & loved brand – Airtel. Zambitious is a term coined by Airtel’s Advertizing & Marketing and is theme of all its campaigns. I did explore, the brand not only claims big things for the people it serves but also believes and is committed to make a difference in their lives. It is the leading Telecom Operator in Zambia. Other than being a leader in India Airtel established so well as if it is there for decades in many Anglo & Franco African countries.

Founder of Airtel – Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal has been one of my role models for almost a dozen years. 

Mr Mittal decided to take the road travelled less in very young age. He borrowed $400 to start business - a very humble beginning of the journey for becoming a genius. Today, he heads a truly international conglomerate which not only makes revenue in billions but touches hearts of millions of people on the globe. Mr Mittal has become an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs today. After seeing so many happy customers (they call it so many smiles) across the world; I feel proud of Mr Mittal.

Reading and reflecting on the success & leadership of this tycoon offers following key learning to any entrepreneur who aspires to reach higher:
·   Have a vision and deep faith in yourself; these will take you a long way.
·   Given a choice between perfection and speed; choose speed, perfection will follow. Airtel kept it double to the change in market.
·   Ability to think big and execute it flawlessly makes all the difference. This is the secret of all the innovations.
·   Empower people to think big and do big so that the team is at pace with you.
·   The only measurement of your leadership influence is – to what degree do you achieve your goals?
·   Surround yourself with people of mettle. Tie up with big & the best (IBM, SingTel, Vodafone, Ericsson, Apple, Nokia, Wal-Mart and many others).    
·   Passion for the products you make, humility for the people you work with and love for the customers you serve – this trio has super power to take you to the heights in this time of fierce competition.
·   Develop your people to the level that they do not need you to guide them. Airtel’s management team is a great example of developed and empowered people. They take full ownership of their roles and run their divisions like a start up. I have been fortunate enough to meet some members of management and impressed with their ‘Commitment to Excellence’.
·   Give back to society. It not only fuels the growth but also makes you feel satisfied and happy, which is actually the aim of life. The schools, universities and other non-government organizations run by Bharti Foundation are adding to the motto of the group – ‘bringing smiles on more faces’.

Of course, my trip to this country was full of fun, excitement & learning. I loved being in Africa and it has given me motivation to explore the continent more. I can bet, this is better than you think.

The trip also made me feel proud on an Indian who rose from an ordinary to extraordinary level. The world needs more people like Sunil and I am sure few of my readers definitely have that mettle & courage. I wish you all the best for your journey to excellence in whatever you do. May you reach the pinnacle!


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