Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eliminate two things from your life...

You must have heard the story of pouring tea in a filled cup and you can also imagine the result, of course. The cup will overflow; tea will spill over and spoil the floor. Instead if you make some space in the cup and then pour some fresh tea, you can enjoy the sips. In today’s blog I want to make a suggestion - stop doing two things which you think, are not adding much value to your life and you still have been doing them. Free sometime in your life for something new, for creativity and doing things what you love.  You will have better priorities in life and of course will sharpen your focus on worthy things which in turn will get better results to enlarge your life.  It is like solving a multiple choice question. Once you eliminate the options which for sure, are not the answers; you are left with more clarity and higher chances of getting it right. Eliminate two things/habits you should not be doing now and start investing that time in the things which matter to you most. So, which two habits / things are you going to stop today? Choose any two of the below which are taking your time without getting any fulfilling results. You can resolve to stop any two of the below:
·   Chaos and acting without plan
·   Not including quality down time
·   Forgetting to take breaks and relax
·   Not arranging uninterrupted work time
·   Putting small (and significant) things off
·   Failing to schedule your week in advance
·   Not taking proper sleep, exercise or meals
·   Making commitments which are not important to me
·   Accommodating someone else’s priorities in your days
·   Spending more than 10 minutes per day on social media sites
·   Not drinking enough water in the day to invigorate your body & mind
·   Reaching office late in the morning or reaching home late in the evening
·   Smoking too many of cigarettes or may be consuming too much of alcohol
·   Drinking so much coffee and reduce to one cup per morning / increase water intake
·   Checking email first thing in the morning before I exercise and get to the office / arrive
·   Working straight through the day and not finding even 15 minutes for a walk in fresh oxygen to refresh myself

Or maybe you can think of your own points and take action. It will help you making your life more fulfilling and rewarding.


  1. Replies
    1. That is great. If your two things are different than the above list; you can write them here and help others by giving two more options to be more productive & happy.

  2. Just reading this encourages me..You have had a great effect on me directly and indirectly, today and always. Thanks Mukuesh!!

    1. Hi Supriya,
      Thanks for encouraging. I will keep on changing lives, mine and of others.

  3. You have always great ideas and thoughts to share with public. Really It is encouraging...Kudo's to you.