Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Top Three Marketing Tips for Toastmasters Clubs

1) Wear Toastmasters Pin: In my opinion this is the most effective marketing tool. The Toastmasters pins are so amazing in look & design that anyone and everyone who sees those will get impressed and if the next person has even a bit of courage to ask questions, will ask one or two. Now it’s up to you, how do you present that 1 minute pitch about this wonderful organization which has been transforming lives since 1924 by helping people become confident speakers and wonderful leaders across the world. By wearing my pin I have converted members from an airport, a gym, a gift shop, a marriage party and from my work place of course. These pins not only make you look different but give you opportunities to exercise your convincing skills (when people ask you 'what is it for?') and pay forward the benefit of Toastmasters which was extended to you by someone. You can buy pins from or contact your District Admin Manager in case they have any in District Store for you. 

2) Display your certificates & trophies on your desk at office: Forget about marketing. These will make your workspace more vibrant, will give you consistent motivation and will make you feel like a winner always. I am not a District Champion yet, countless people stop for moments when they pass-by my seat to see just a few of my club’s trophies and certificates decorated at my desk. Yes, it does bring members to your club and if the client is visiting your office, it may bring a club too.   

3) Share your pictures on Facebook: Share pictures of you participating in Toastmasters events, receiving awards/certificates, clicks of your communication & leadership awards and most importantly you enjoying and having fun in meetings. What about uploading your recorded Project 10 from Competent Communication manual or your contest speech / evaluation on youtube? Who knows, you can inspire people for a keystone change in their lives. To me, speeches by Toastmasters inspire positive change in lives of people. 
Go out and make a difference in the world by inspiring more people to join Toastmasters. You will certainly feel on top of the world, when someone would come back and tell you ‘you changed my life by referring me to Toastmasters!’


  1. Excellent ideas and am very much affirmative on this. These ways will not only help in marketing it will also make us feel better.

  2. Will surely try these from the next time. Amazing strategies.