Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let the power of clarity fuel your dreams...

Inner ocean sings with the Atlantic Ocean
Let the duty to shine be on hype.
Let the happiness flow in your life.

Let the lord enter into your soul.
Let the mind focus on your goal.

Let the hate hurt and love liberate.
Let the life blossom and be great.

Let the path not be blocked by mist.
Let the faculties join and make a fist.

Let the plans and goals be on a chart.
Let the lion like faith roar in your heart.

Let the hands join and make network.
Let the power of teams do great work.

Let the magic of fantasies prevail while you race. 
Let the contagious smile spread on your face.

Let the drops fall and spread the gleams.
Let the power of clarity fuel your dreams.

                               - By Mukesh Kulothia


  1. wow buddy this will be definately shared ..

    great lines..

  2. Now this comes naturally when you are heading this way.
    Gems put together to form necklace.

  3. It is wonderful article well written. I have shared the same to all of my friends. Thanks..