Saturday, June 9, 2012

Six Steps for Reaching Goals

It feels great!

  1. Do what you love. ‘For stunning success one must do what s/he loves to do and money follows’ – writes a recent article in Harvard Business Review. The most important teaching Steve Jobs had to offer to the world was ‘Do what you love. It is your life; do not spend it living on someone else’s dreams. We have nothing to lose as we are already naked.’ Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Have your own dreams and follow them. Be courageous. Make a plan and take the plunge.  
  2. Choose the niche. Decide what you want to sell and whom do you want to sell it. Perhaps the first two ‘P’ – Product & Place are the most important out of the four Ps (Product, Place, Promotion & Price), marketing champion Philip Kotler pointed out.
  3. Believe only in the best. Quality is important. In fact, if you are really looking forward to being a lifetime achiever and are interested in building a world class brand then compromise not. If you do not have enough margins then increase the price and if you are delivering something to middle class people and competitive pricing is one of the differentiating factors for you then at least make sure that you offer best value for the money the customer / employer can buy. ‘Be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected.’
  4. Focus like a laser beam. Imagine what could have happened if Sachin Tendulakar has tried his hands in Football and Bollywood along with cricket? Or if Barack Obama had tried his hands in IT & singing in parallel to politics?  Choose one profession / passion – whatever it may be and try to become the best. Famous personal development & leadership coach Robin Sharma calls it -- BIW (Best In the World).  That is only possible if you love what you do and do what you love. Otherwise you will take time out of your work and enjoy some hobbies and then eat time from this for your work. It can be a complete mix up.
  5. Be a knowledge machine. Star achievers are students of learning. They believe in on-going education and practice. Think of top performer in any area and they have multiple coaches, they go to seminars/conferences, they attend training programs, they read books and listen recorded programs. Think of reducing your time on entertainment and increasing the same in education.
  6. Harness people power. Surround yourself with people who ideate and execute more; those must be learned people. Company of people makes lasting impacts on our head & heart. What more, it makes your character which in turn defines your destiny. Great people are quite helping. They will walk extra miles for you and be happy to see you reaching on the new peaks of success.    


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