Friday, April 27, 2012

Let Love Live Long Life

In the month of February, it was nearly a dawn. I could still see some sparkling stars in the sky. I could feel fresh breeze and smell fragrance of flowers. I could hear singing sounds of sparrows. I was on my morning walk in the best park of this millennium city – Choudhary Devi Lal Park. While walking I was undergoing my gratitude routine for lord. I just said ‘God, thanks for giving me a loving & caring heart’. Now please give me more wisdom & courage to spread love in your world.  I was still single and my eyes naturally used to spot couples wherever I went. I noticed a handsome boy and a gorgeous girl with sad faces. Probably they were chatting all the night and could not sleep well, I thought. We were walking in opposite directions. As I crossed them, I said, ‘Good morning’ with a smile on my face. The lady reciprocated the same but the boy asked angrily, what is so good in this morning? I went blank and then said, ‘the quotation on your t-shirt is good’. The boy smiled and said, ‘but hum ladke maante kahan hain’ (but we boys do not learn). Perhaps they had a fight with each other. The quotation on the t-shirt read, ‘Love is a sweet suicide’.  
We all read similar messages on trucks, autos and t-shirts. But my perspective on love was, is and will remain entirely different because it is one of my top three values.
For me, love is the purpose of life. For me love is the reason of existence. For me love is the way to live.
Sacred soul of Swami Vivekananda spoke a spontaneous & sincere sermon in response to a question on love. Swami said, ‘Love is a triangle. The first angle of love is- it does not ask for anything in return. It only gives and expects nothing. It’s a give & give relationship. Second angle is lack of fear. Perhaps that is why the song is, ‘Pyar karne waale kabhi darrte nahi, haan darrte nahi, jo darrte hain wo pyar karte nahi’ (people who love do not fear and who fear do not love). I am sure everyone must have heart about Heer Ranzha, Laila Maznoo, Romeo Juliet and many other who sacrificed their lives for love. You may hang me on cross and cut me to pieces and I still love you. Jesus Christ loved his people. The third angle is – love is not a means to anything, it is its own end.’ I love you because you are beautiful and earn handsome income – here physical beauty and income are the ends. Love is just a means to reach those ends. And hence, it is not a true love.
If I speak in the language of angels and have no love in heart, I am only making noise. If I possess all the knowledge and preach all truths – if I have the faith that moves mountains, but have no real love for my fellow men- I am nothing. Even if I give away everything I own, even if I sacrifice my life and become a martyr, if I am not sincere and do these things in pride and not in love – they are meaningless and profit nothing.  Love, kindness, charity and doing good to others are my priorities in life. Love never fails. Other things fade and pass away, but love endures. I must not slip into selfish & unkind ways. I must learn, live and lecture faith & hope; charity & kindness, patience & humility – and most of all love for all fellow beings.
I love myself most. Sound sleep; Fresh fruits; Walk on woods; Sincere smiles; Loud laughter; and other healthy, happy habits are my tools to express this love for myself.  I love my father, the Almighty lord. Of course, I love my family & the world.
Mother Teresa said it the best, when walked on the stage to receive Nobel Prize for spreading love in the world. She was given the mike and asked to deliver a speech ‘what can we contribute for world peace’? She held the mike in her hands, came on the center of the stage, smiled and said, ‘Go home & love your family.’  I can see shyness and sparkle in your eyes. I can see silent, still, speaking lips. I can see sweet smiles on your faces. You are free to pour your heart. You are free to express your feelings; I would say the same words, ‘Go home & love your family.’ Let Love Live Long Life.

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