Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Investment!

To become wealthy, you must save and invest. Government of India gives you tax rebate if you save and invest money. Today, there are numerous opportunities to invest your money. I was pondering over few which I am seriously considering; few of them are really good. We are over-serious for investing money in property & share markets. What about the most valuable assets like body/health, intellect, mind and soul? I believe you are truly wealthy if you are physically fit, successful in channeling your talent properly, have ignited minds and awakened soul.

I spent some time in self-reflection and explored my beliefs on making investments. The best investment we can make is the one we make in self development. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Gautam Buddha, Socrates, Mohammed & Swami Vivekananda were the wisest investors in my opinion. They made investments in themselves. Don’t get me wrong, Warren Buffet is still the best financial investment tycoon today. But the point I want to make is: the time, energy & money you invest on your own self-development pays the best dividends. 

Self development is simply undertaking techniques to help you unlock your potential – to be the best that you can be.  You learn to stop letting negative thoughts and emotions hold you back in your life and you become free to live a life where you can go beyond the boundaries. Personal development is all about defining & executing personal development plans for improving self-awareness, building /renewing identity, developing your talents & soul, identifying & improving your potential, enhancing lifestyle or quality of life, improving health and fulfilling aspirations. It is initiating a life enterprise.

You make changes in order to become happier and more fulfilled. One of my friends developed a habit of reading 20 pages before breakfast everyday and he ends up reading 3 books every month. Shyamendra, a software engineer in a networking company started meditating few minutes in the morning & evening and increased his level of concentration to great extent.  Over a cup of coffee, Sr Vice President of Hindalco shared his health secret – ‘30 minutes of brisk walking every day and a little extra care in what I eat helped me to stay away from doctors for last 30 years’.  Small, tiny changes made over a period of time become gigantic forces which work for you. 

Here is the list of 5 things you can do to make big deposits in your account of personal development:
  1. Pay yourself first; every month, set aside 10% of your income for investment in your own development. Buy books, attend trainings, go for a movie, buy great gifts to yourself.
  2. Spend quality time with yourself; Take out two holy hours every day for self-reflection, meditation, reading, writing & planning your day, month, year and life.
  3. Give back to society; We make living by what we get but we make life by what we give. Dr Suresh Singh (Medical Surgeon) just got admitted his servant to a school and spends 5 hours a week teaching her.  My wife & me, recently adopted six kids to sponsor their school education. I feel more confident and capable after that. I bet, you are richer than you think. Start giving back to society in whatever ways you can.
  4.  Do more good; Pledge to do more good to yourself and to the world. Put your knowledge & ideas to execution and make difference.
  5. Love your work; Your work is going to fill a big part of your life. You can’t really develop without developing skills which get you success there. Plan your own growth. Develop your skills which you think will take you places. 
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  1. A wonderful thought and composed likewise.

    I also believe that life is all about intensity of the moments - whether they be sometimes created for ourselves or for others. A moment well cherished is priceless.

    The best way is to take a step a time - donate (books, clothes, then later even blood, eyes, organs), share resources (food, car, later even shelter) and offer the most valuable of all - time and attention to family, friends and beyond.

    Hope you enjoy your endeavors and experiences...

  2. Great work in compiling these lovely pieces of wisdom. Practical and simple...

    Kudos... Shall def share this with all my near and dear ones.

  3. very nice & inspiring read - reaffirms my belief that the most important person in this universe is me , myself and I need to take good care of me !!

  4. If only i think i can, i will!!
    Made me realize what a wonderful person i am. its just the matter of finding the potential. very inspiring and motivating content. Thank you so much for sharing this resourceful insight.
    Anirudh Bhatnagar

  5. 120 crore Indians should help our society with your contributions like old age homes, poor people studies like so many...